Terms of Business

Terms of Business

We know the small print of our Terms of Business very, very, small on the righthand side of this page ...... but let's face it, small print always is!

So to make things much easier, you can download our full terms by using the link on this page


Minor itinerary adjustments are free of charge. JJK CHAUFFEUR SERVICE at its own discretion will determine the nature of any adjustments and alter the charges accordingly.

Waiting Time (Excludes Airport Transfers and Weddings) The first 15 minutes of waiting time are automatically included in our charges, thereafter we charge waiting time by 15 minutes increments at £7.50 per 15 minutes. Unless pre- agreed, after 30 minutes of waiting for collections, Williams Chauffeurs reserve the right to deem the booking cancelled by the customer and will charge in accordance to our cancellation charges.

Hire Price

We guarantee the cost of vehicle hire providing that the original itinerary at the time of booking hasn't been altered. We reserve the right to change prices at anytime without notice.


JJK CHAUFFEUR SERVICE are insured for passenger travel. This insurance is for public liability and doesn't constitute a travel or baggage insurance. If you require us to drive your own/company vehicle, they must be covered on your/company insurance. JJK CHAUFFEUR SERVICE accepts no liability for insurance excess, theft or damage whilst not in a vehicle belonging to JJK CHAUFFEUR SERVICE. We don't accept responsibilities for delays caused by adverse weather conditions, accidents and traffic congestion.

Any theft or damage to properties of the person who made the booking or any other person travelling within the booking, except where such theft or damage is caused by a direct action of the above named company employees. Any delays caused by strike action, Acts of God or Force Majeure.

Disorderly Behaviour

We reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone deemed to be a nuisance or danger to our passengers or employees. We may seek the help of the police to remove any offenders from our vehicles and will not pay compensation or refund in such circumstances. Any damage or soiling of our vehicles will be charged at main dealer prices and additional charges for lost business will be charged whilst the car is off the road.


We strictly observe a non-smoking policy in all our cars. No variations to this order can be made by law.

Use of Vehicles

JJK CHAUFFEUR SERVICE Chauffeur Service will make every effort to supply top quality vehicles. However, should such vehicles may not be available, we reserve the right to provide a similar alternative vehicle at the same price - this hire shall be known as subcontract or sub-hire, through our affiliated contractors.


Full charges will be payable in the event of cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice. For Weddings, this is 1 month.

If payment is to made by credit/debit card, this is subject to a surcharge and done via PayPal. JJK CHAUFFEUR SERVICE. We do not keep customers card details.

Account Customers

All invoices are due for payment on a strict 14 days from invoice date. Any invoice outstanding beyond this period will attract a £40.00 late payment admin charge. Any payments outstanding after 28 days will be referred to our debt recovery agency.


If for some reason you are unhappy with the service, you should, in the first instance, relay your concerns immediately to the driver, who will try to rectify the issue on the spot. If the matter hasn't been resolved to your satisfaction, please e-mail at info@jjkchaufeur.com providing the driver's details, date and time of the incident

Special Offers

JJK CHAUFFEUR SERVICE reserve the right to stop any special offers without notice.

Airport Transfers

We always endeavour to make our airport collections as smooth and efficient as possible so we thought it would be useful to let you have details of our operating standards.

Flight arrivals

We will normally be at our meeting point not more than 20 minutes after the flight is scheduled to land, allowing time for embarkation, passport control, baggage collection and customs. Please let us know if you feel that for any reason we should be earlier.

Manchester Airport Meeting Points

Our driver will be waiting for you with a welcome board inside the terminal at the following areas: -

Terminal 1 – In front of WH Smith

Terminal 2 – In front of Spar (Shop)

Terminal 3 – In front of The Foreign Exchange Bureau

Flight Delays

Flight delays are of course beyond our control, but we constantly monitor schedules via the airport website and plan our own schedules to give a reasonable degree of flexibility. However, we do reserve the right to subcontract any work that we not able to fulfil. In the case of extreme delays and the unlikely event that either we or our subcontractors cannot reschedule, we will make every effort to contact you.

Early Flight Arrivals

Again, we monitor the flight schedules and will be as flexible as possible, though a certain amount of waiting in the terminal building may be unavoidable. We will contact you by mobile phone if this is the case (please ensure that we have your number)

Waiting Time

We allow up to 45 minutes waiting time from when the flight has landed. Additional waiting time is charged at £7.50 per 15 minutes.


Our standard terms of business apply to weddings with the addition of below.

For venue weddings, the booking is for 1 hour. For registry office weddings, the booking is for 2 hours. For church weddings, the booking is for 3 hours. If the time is exceeded, we reserve the right to charge additional waiting time at £10.00 per 15 minutes per vehicle unless agreed in advance. As always, please discuss the requirements of your wedding day with us before booking.